Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Houston Baby Photographer | Cake Smash Session - Coopers First Birthday

The day after the New Year, Cooper celebrated his first birthday. First birthdays are always so fun to photograph because you can see and feel what an accomplishment it is - both for baby and the parents. There has been so much that Cooper has learned in his first to sit up, roll over, crawl and walk. How to play peek-a-boo and give kisses. He also learned how to attack a cake - he had a blast playing with the frosting and sprinkles and loved being the center of attention. You can also see how much the parents have to love and care for their baby unconditionally, encourage and support him. They survived sleepless nights, teething nightmares, bumps and bruises. A babies first birthday is a celebration for both baby and parents - hooray you did it! And no better way to celebrate than with some cake :)

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CMiller said...

wow that looked like it was so much fun! love those big happy eyes!